Monday, May 01, 2006

Inspiration and CAPG

After finishing Wanna Bite of Elephant? A Beginner’s Guide to Starting A Puppet Ministry, I’ve found myself feeling a bit uninspired. In hopes of renewing my creative energy, I decided to celebrate National Puppetry Day with the fine folks of the Cincinnati Area Puppetry Guild. (Okay, so it was a week late, it was still a celebration of all things puppety.) To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect but a road trip to Cincy that involved puppets sounded like something worth doing, and it was.

It was nice to be on the audience side of the curtain and experience the talented builders and performers in and around the Cincinnati area. The performances were fanciful, exotic, funny and a bit weird (in a good sort of way). It was wonderful.

Several of puppet builders in the area had their creations on display and I came to realize that a puppet can be made from about anything when used with imagination. Even my children were using plastic juice bottles and plastic eyes to create their own puppet show.

Therein I found my inspiration by looking at things through the eyes of child where labels and limits don’t exist. You know, God works without limits and this can be seen in the wonderfully interesting world in which we live. Take the time to look around at how “neat” everything really is.


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