Tuesday, May 16, 2006

VBS Promo-Arctic Edge

Every year I write a set of skits based on the VBS program my church does in June and make them available for sale at puppetminister.com. My puppet team usually performs a promotional skit on a Sunday night during the normal worship service a few weeks before VBS begins. Five other skits are performed, one each night of VBS in the opening assembly. We have alot of fun with VBS and this year, we pray, will be no exception as we do Lifeway's Arctic Edge Adventure.

In order to reach a wider audience with our promo skit, we decided to make a short film that could be shown on the media screens in the morning worship service. This is my teams first attempt at film making and I am proud of them. So here it is:

Chobie & Sherb's Extreme VBS Promo

You can down load the original text of the skit (my guys don't always follow) here as .pdf or .doc. The rest of the skits will be available soon.

By the way, the dates are wrong at the end.


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