Friday, July 28, 2006

Skit Writing Exercise...The Test Drive

Find a small audience of 3 or 4 (I use my puppet team) and read it to them or have them read it out loud. You will quickly find out if there are any weaknesses in you skit. You have to pick people that love you enough to tell you the truth even if it is hurtful. Take whatever advice they offer, weigh it, consider it and modify your skit if you find their suggestions worthwhile. I find my team usually contributes a bit of humor that gets added after this first reading. I often involve a few members of my target audience as part of my test group. This ensures that the skit stays age appropriate in scope.

There you have it, a fool-proof method for writing your own skits. I should have mine completed soon and I will post it at soon. I hope you won’t mind sharing your skits when you have them completed and I will post them also.

Like I said, this is the same type of information available in Wanna Bite of Elephant? Thanks for participating and keep spreading the word about


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