Thursday, September 14, 2006

Here I Am!

It’s been a few weeks since posting an almost daily blog entry during August. I apologize for being so absent as of late. There have been several developments both at and around the web I would like to make you aware.

Chobie & Sherb respond to LonelyGirl15
Youtube has a very popular poster know as LonelyGirl15 who has now been exposed as possible viral marketing for a movie. It’s all strange and weird so who better to set the record straight than Chobie and Sherb.
Andrew Young of puppetvision fame has started a new blog/wiki on puppetbuilding. He has already posted some cool articles. His hope is for this to become the encyclopedia of puppet building. One of the coolest postings actually leads you to an animation blog and an online character building tutorial based on Preston Blair’s classic Animation books. I have this book. Its really informative. Check it out.
Our friends at have been building puppets for the highly anticipated (by me anyway) The Big Magic Book. Their blog contains wonderful behind the scenes photos of the puppet construction. They also have a new “simple series” pattern called The Roly.

Well, there you have it. I’ve been contracted on a project which is going to challenge me. I am also working on new skits and plan on doing a really neat blog project. More about that later. And it’s a continual battle updating the site. I’ll be working toward that also.

God Bless


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