Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Don't be a heavy drinker or stuff yourself with food. It will make you feel drowsy, and you will end up poor with only rags to wear. Proverbs 23:20-21(cev)
Solomon makes the point very clear that if you are lazy, then you should not expect too much out of life. Here we find that excesses in food and alcohol will cause you to become unable to achieve your goals (unless you desire to be a pot-bellied boozehound waiting for a coronary thrombosis).

Reality check for a moment: Laziness is a disease. It corrupts your initiative, your body and your ability to fulfill your purpose. No one who ever achieved anything, big or small, did it without getting off their proverbial butt and doing something. Proverbs 22:13 tells us that lazy people are full of excuses. (I remind my son of this often.)
So I ask: What is your excuse?
Hopefully you don’t have one, but I challenge you that if you do have an excuse that you realize it is nothing more than a hurdle on achieving your goals. Your resources (time, money, energy) are directed toward your priorities. True, we spread ourselves thin and we can’t do everything, but realize when things become a priority in your life, your excuses tend to fall away.

For example, I would like to spend more time building puppets, but family and church commitments keep a large portion of my time occupied. But, guess what, God and family are more important to me than building puppets. Building is more important to me than watching TV. And my neighbors would tell you EVERYTHING is more important to me than mowing my lawn. (Boy, we came a long way from don’t be a heavy drinker. I should quit now.)

If you would like to start eliminating excuses in your life, I would like to recommend reading QBQ: The question behind the question by John Miller.


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