Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A Bit of Clarification on Pride

The point of the latter part of yesterday’s post is if we do not come to God in unreserved humility, then we do not come to God in the spirit He wants from us. Therefore, if we are not in the correct spirit, then we cannot really approach God at all. WE can not relate to God in anyway in and of ourselves. It's not up to us. Our interaction with Him must be on His terms.

We are told by our inheritance can come to the Father boldly which I interpret as I can worship or make request without fear, but again if we think we are worthy of this gift because of something we've done, we have missed the point entirely. We can approach God without fear but only because the blood of Jesus allows us.

Thankfully, He gave us the Holy Spirit to help us come to grips with His terms. We, as humans, can not by our very nature submit ourselves without help. The Holy Spirit moves us to give in to unnatural desires and humble ourselves to God almighty. It gives us the strength to choose to bow to Him.


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