Monday, February 12, 2007

So when I finished the last line...

...I put the book by itself on the shelf with my heart in it. -Jimmy Buffett

Earlier in the year I said I plan to read 12 non-fiction books this year. So far I have managed to read six and I will be adding some “reviews” of the better ones in the next few weeks. You will notice that many of the books I am reading (or in some cases re-reading) are business/finance related. There are two reasons for this:

A) You become what you study. As you well know, if you have read any of my blog, I am a big fan of Dave Ramsey’s teaching. This has inspired me to read books that deal with finance and business in order to understand how money works. (I will go so far as to say in acquiring this knowledge has taught me more about my character than any other topic.) With this in mind I have determined in order for me to be successful, I will study success.

I’ve come to the conclusion, successful business people are usually dynamic and despite stereotypes, most successful people are not money-grubbing cut-throats or “rich jerks”. They are, however, highly-motivated, self-confident “go-getters” that have been kicking butt and taking names for a long time. Their success has not come at the expense of others but as a result of doing something better and being persistent. Most are not just successful in business matters either. They are winning in every aspect of their lives.

No so surprisingly, I’m discovering many of the actions and attitudes that successful people attribute for their success (planning, perseverance, faith, positive thinking, helping others, etc.) are rooted in Biblical teachings whether the person is a Christian or non-Christian.

B) I want to be successful as a business and as a ministry.

I have not determined what the future course is exactly. My focus has been trying to provide higher quality puppets at affordable prices to ministries. I have been given the opportunity to use puppetry as my main source of service and may someday have the opportunity to use puppetry as my main source of income.

Is it possible? ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH GOD. Of course it would have to be in his plan for me. Is it probable? Well that is dependent on several things: Am I willing to take such a risk? I’m I capable of pouring everything I have into such an endeavor? Am I willing to kick butt and take names for a long time? Even so, it’s a long-shot based on the market, but if one offers better products, better service or better value the odds go up significantly.

You see, possibility lies with God, probability lies mostly with me but this does not necessarily lead to success. For now, I will study, trying to make a better value to the customer.

As I was preparing this, Andrew at posted a link to series of blog entries from Phil Vischer of VeggieTales fame. Read this line from Phil’s blog: Your ability to accomplish your artistic or ministry objectives depends largely on your understanding of the business behind your venture. This reinforces my decision to study business success. Looking at this statement, I know this is an opportunity for growth.

God Bless.


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