Monday, June 19, 2006

Exciting News

Following a performance the other night, I was talking to the youth pastor of a local church. We were discussing ministry opportunities and the need to grow the Kingdom of Christ. I told him that I was hoping to “teach” seminars on starting puppet ministries and that this is the primary focus of Little did I know that God was already in action.

I found out Friday afternoon, that our church is hosting a “Crusades for Christ Bible Conference” on August 9-11. One of the seminar topics is “Starting a Puppet Ministry” and the instructor is me. This was all planned and organized unbeknownst to me, but the organizers didn’t figure “I would mind”.

Now I am faced with the challenge of preparing, but this shows me that God is in control and that when we prepare our hearts to serve Him, that He provides the opportunities. To say the least, I am excited about this opportunity.

p.s. We started our Arctic Edge Adventure last night. Chobie and Sherb are a big hit.


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