Tuesday, June 13, 2006

PuppetVision Blog

The on-line puppeting community is ever growing and one of the individuals who keeps his finger on the pulse of everthing coming and going is Andrew Young. Andrew is an excellent builder and performer, but one of the most important things he does is his work publishing the PuppetVision Blog. I am proud to say that his blog is often responsible for keeping me motivated and sparking my creativity.

One of Andrew's bests posts that apply to puppeteering is "Twelve questions for puppeteers". Asking these simple questions will improve your puppetry almost immediately.

One of my goals in performing, building...shoot, life in general is to do better today than I did yesterday. My puppetry has to be better today than it was yesterday and even better tomorrow. I challenge you to "get better daily".

Speaking of tomorrow, my team and I have a performance at a sister church in our town tomorrow evening. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as once again we are not only representing Jesus, but also our home church. God bless and thanks for reading.


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